Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Alison and Nick at Castle Hill 6-21-08 Photos by Trish and Melissa

Cue the sunshine, cue the warm breezes, cue the beautiful people.... Alison and Nick had some seriously awesome weather on Saturday for their wedding! It was a glorious day, we did all of the formal photos before the ceremony, so they were really able to enjoy the party! They have the nicest friends, a real testament to how nice they are, it was a pleasure!
Oh no you didn't...here is the tensest moment of the day, trying to iron out a crease in the front of gown but putting in lines from the towel! No big deal, Alison was cool and calm.
Camaraderie with the bridesmaids...
Woo hoo!
Alison and Nick seeing each other for the first time, Nick waited out on the porch for her arrival.
Such a great moment!
Melissa got this shot from the vantage point from inside, sweet.

They met while playing on an Ultimate Frisbee team, so I fashioned them a personalized Frisbee with my scrapbooking letters, it's true, I'm crafty.

We walked down to the beach with the whole wedding party, fun shots along the way...

Nothing says 'beach' like star fish.

A fun and casual shot of the wedding party, they were all so nice and agreeable! (Photo by Melissa)

Are you kidding me with the cuteness of this?
Winner of the sassiest flower girl award of 2008!
Dennis James Robinson performed the ceremony, he made sure that the wedding party was straight and had it together, great for photos!!!
Married power!
Castle Hill really does it right!

In defense of this frizzy hair, it was really humid, and I was working hard!

Classic sunset shot...

Here's Melissa slacking off, why stand up if you can sit down?!
Alison's Mom put together a lovely slide show as a surprise for them.

Here's DJ Job from Rhythm Productions, spinning the tunes.

Everyone was dancing like crazy!

It was an awesome day, thanks for having me as a part of it!

Best Wishes for a long happy marriage -Trish

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