Thursday, June 12, 2008

Evan and Steve in Newport - Photos by Trish

It was a scorcher on Sunday, but Evan and Steve are from Florida, so the heat was no big deal for them, I was a little sweaty on the other hand. We had fun walking around downtown Newport and taking some natural portraits along the way. They are getting married in September and were here for the weekend finalizing plans so I was happy to get the chance to photograph them and to meet Steve! They are a very sweet couple and were excellent subjects, I look forward to seeing them again for the wedding in the Fall...

A respit fromt he heat under this tree and some great light and texture too.

Luckily for Steve Evan is super light weight!

Since they are from Florida they really appriciate the New England arcitecture.

Tresspassing, but for a good cause...

A sweet moment in the park...

This is another nice part of Newport, wondering and looking into shops.

Yowza, great dip, be sure to do that at the wedding too!

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