Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Helena and Brian at Aldrich Mansion - Photos by Trish and Ara

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, and not because it was a sunny day, but because these two sunny people were getting married! They are so lovely and nice, we had a great time snapping photos with them all day and took a million...well maybe not a million, but a lot!!! We did all of the formal photos before the ceremony and it made for a very relaxing and fun evening. As expected Helena was a vision, she didn't really need profesh make-up, but wow!

Beautiful flowers by Golden Gate Flowers.

Helena's maid of honor Denise has been her best friend since they were 13, how cool! She was very attentive and helpful.

Nothing says love like Tiffany and Co.

The brides father before the ceremony, he was so happy and proud.

This is my little friend Cameron, he smiled every time I came around. I will take that as a huge compliment! When a baby likes you, your're OK, so that made my day!

We had Brian ready and waiting for Helena, when she got close she told him to turn around and then they saw each other for the time! always and awesome moment!

The first embrace is so sweet, it's great to be able to capture it this way. She looks so happy!(Photo by Ara)

Good times...

I heard someone in the wedding party say that this was the dumbest thing they ever did, but look how fun it is! Remember, dumb feeling does not equal dumb looking! That may apply to other things in life too.

Helena and her Dad waiting before the ceremony... (Photo by Ara)

I like the moodiness of this shot, you can feel the quiet. (Photo by Ara)

This is the 'Chapel' at Aldrich Mansion, but it's really a very dramatic and large church.

Helena was happy to have the ceremony over with! She was so nervous to be up in front of everyone at the church. Can you even stand her beauty?! Brian is a lucky guy!

This is a spot at Aldrich that I have never photographed before but have really wanted to, very cool and dramatic! I love the sunlight coming through most, it actually had been sort of grey up until this point, I guess I was meant to get this shot! Thanks nature!

The newest Snapper... Ara! our fabulous and talented assistant and second photographer!

This is in the room upstairs at Aldrich, love the couch they are sitting on and the whole vintage kind of feel.

There I am lurking in the background, Helena is so nice, I think she was be wondering what in the heck I was doing, getting a photo together but not really...sneaky!

OK, crazy dance party reception! Sounds by DJ Larry at Engagements. They danced the night away to some of my olf favs (90's R&B) and had the BEST time! (awesome Photo by Ara)

Woo hoo! The party goer on the right is Gerry, Helena's friend from grade school! and Brian's friend from college, that's how they met!

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