Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Carrie and James at Rosecliff Masion 6.14.08 Photos by Mariah and Melissa

It's really nice when you watch best friends get married. Carrie and James are defenitely that. In fact, the whole Anderson - Riela clan is a very close knit bunch! Carrie and James asked all of their siblings to be in their bridal party- and all of their children...12 neices and nephews! The little ones weren't the only ones crying that night, there wasn't a dry eye in the house during the ceremony- including me! It was a real pleasure to be a part of such a sweet evening. Thanks guys!

Amazing cake by Mark Soliday of Confectionery Designs. It took 20 hours to decorate! Wow!

Sayles Livingston did the flowers, she asked me to get a few pics because the centerpeices were "special" - I think she "under-described" them just a little bit. They were incredible!
Beautiful detail photo by Melissa.

Full view of the Orchids... photo by Melissa.

Beautiful portrait of Carrie right before the ceremony, who looks very calm... But was actually totally shaking! Someone get this girl a glass of champagne!
Carrie waiting to walk down the aisle, a classic view of the staircase at Rosecliff, so dramatic!
I love this photo of James looking at Carrie during the ceremony. Carrie's brother (doing the reading) could barely make it through because he was all choked up. It was a very sweet moment.
Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!
At this moment Carrie was looking at James saying... " I am so happy! This is the happiest moment of my life!"

A little stroll through the Rose Garden and then on to the formal photos!

So, here we have the dozen (minus one crying flowergirl who is off camera!) neices and nephews and one is an escape artist!

There isn't a bad angle or perspective here!

Carrie and James looking back at the cocktail hour.

Like I said, there's just no bad angle to shoot at Rosecliff!

Carrie and James practicing for their first dance upstairs. Carrie told me that James was most nervous about their first dance.. will they pull it off?

Love this pic of Carrie and James descending the stairs.

The moment of truth....

Photo by Melissa

Look at those moves!

Melissa again...

...and the big finish! Flawless! Nicely done James!

and Melissa again....


Allie at Morin's, who was a pastry chef made this gorgeous mini cakes that the guests took home as a favor. Yum!

And just in case that didn't satisfy your sweet tooth, how about a shot of icecream and a chocolate chip cookie?

So after it got dark, a suprise was in store for the guests...


Carrie and James danced until the very end!

The 411 on the details:

Ultra Fabulous Wedding Planner: Cindi Rapoza, Frill Weddings

Venue: Rosecliff Mansion

Catererer: Fine Catering by Russell Morin

Florist: Sayles Livingston

Cake: Mark Soliday, Confectionery Designs

Officiant: Reverend Michael Egan

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