Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nell and Patrick in Jamestown - Photos by Trish

Nell and Patrick are getting married at the end of July and I can't wait to see her in her gown! Her mom gave me a sneak peak look at a photo of it and it's stunning! She is going to be a vision for sure. Their reception is going to be at her parents summer home in Jamestown, so I stopped by to see their place and to do a portrait of these guys before the wedding. They were very nice and indulged me in some of my funny posing ideas, I'll admit the laying down in the grass on the beach was not the best shot, but I love this natural portrait of them hanging on the porch... ah, summer.

The highlight was definately the location, but the dogs were second best. They were so cute just checking out the action, pretty much unimpressed with what we were doing. This is Peter...

Although this is not the most creative pose I do like how classic it is. I guess thats why they call it a classic!

This is the new puppy, he chewed Nell's shoe before this!

Another doggie. What a sad face...

Can you even believe this location!? This is at the end of their yard, awesome!!!

A very sweet moment, but Nell was laughing most of the time anyway. I think she felt a little weird doing all of this posing, but she was a good sport!

I got really excited when I looked down and saw this seaweed! I could have spent all day there taking these kind of shots.

So this was my brilliant idea for a host, and I know that they thought it was pretty dumb, but I actually thinks kind of cute. Either way it's a genuine moment...

The final member of the dog posse from Jamestown, posing very nicely for his portrait.

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