Monday, October 6, 2008

Samantha and Mike's Farm Stand Photodate with Mariah

When Sam and Mike first came to see me they told me all about the "Neily Curse". Apparently, Sam's family is afflicted with bad weather each and EVERY time they plan an event that involves being outdoors. Well, I was pretty sure it was coincidence rather than curse, not believing in that sort of thing after all... I assured Mike that our photography adventures would not be cursed and that they had nothing to worry about. We scheduled our photodate for this past Sunday. I checked the weather on Friday and Saturday... everything looked fine- sunny skies were predicted. So, I wake up Sunday morning and what do I find? A beautiful sunny fall morning? NO, grey ominous skies... no worry I think to myself, it's not raining so the photodate is still on. Sam and Mike were meeting me at Johnson's Road side stand in Swansea Ma, so I got in my car and headed out to meet them. As I was taking the exit to Swansea, it started to sprinkle... How could this be?! Sam and Mike pulled it after me, and when Mike got out of the car, all he could say was "I told you so!" I will not be defeated by some dumb curse!

You know, everything looks better when it's wet! In movies they hose down sidewalks, stairs etc... because the wet ground reflects light and looks better on film! How about wet pumpkins?
A few sprinkles aren't going to ruin our shoot- actually the soft grey light was kind of working for me!

Johnson's has a lot of fun photo elements including this antique fire truck.

See what I mean about things looking better watered down? It's true... pay attention to that next time you are watching a movie!

Mike found this hat inside the truck on the seat and made Sam put it on... she makes a pretty hot fire-woman!

Mike indulged all my photo ideas... he was really nervous about our shoot- it required a morning Bloody Mary! Very cute! He did REALLY well though. See, what he doesn't realize is I always feel a little nervous too. That's normal- but a few minutes into it- it's just all fun!

How Fall is this?

Mike is pretty sure he could be a photographer too, because he was thinking about this shot when I asked Sam to borrow her ring! He's very creative, and has good taste in jewelry!

Sam and Mike met at UNH, she says it was LOVE at first sight!

I know you've seen this pose before, but there's something about it! I just love it. This spot is across the road from the farm stand at a dairy farm. Isn't it so New England?!


Some smooching is always needed...

And some more smooching is even better!

I love everything about this photo, they look very natural. Mike is warmed up by now- in fact he said, "Hey, I'm kind of getting into this!"


Canoodling among the pumpkins...

I told Mike he was the star of this photo... he said "I don't want to be the star!" and looked away really quick- I got him though!

P.S. Mike has 2 younger brothers- both single and he would like to find them a couple of nice girls! We are taking applications here at Snap!

And then I got this!...

Not bad... fun photos and they scored a pumpkin and a homemade pie!

That was so much fun guys! I cannot wait for the wedding in April- and I refuse to believe that there will be a Nor'easter! (Mike's prediction!)

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