Friday, October 17, 2008

Jody and Matt Photodate - Brenton Point, Newport - Photos by Trish

When I drove up and saw these kites I was really excited! This is usually a hot spot for kite flying and there was a good breeze so they were up. There was even a huge cat and dog flying around, so fun! So Jody was totally nervous about having her picture taken but she made it through and did a great job. Matt has been forced to view our blog so often that he was like a pro with the posing and such, too funny! There are really adorable...

I love Jody's hair in this one, so glam!
See Matt's nice posing...

The rocks at Brenton Point are so awesome!

Matt was trying hard to help Jody relax by saying funny things to her.

Cool little steps that don't really go anywhere.

Here's the winning shot!

Oh Matt, you're so funny! How cute is Jody's top?!

This one sort of looks like a 70's romantic greeting card, but I love it!

We walked back into the woods and found this great tree.

I would imagine that it is really really old, so beautiful!

This is the former residence of William Brenton, apparently built in the 1600's.

These sunny Fall afternoons are amazing!

Another amazing tree...

Just for fun I had them run for the last shots, why not. I love the hair in the air!

Thanks for a fun shoot and an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and scenery in Newport! See you next year for your big day!

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