Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Erin and Doug at Lake of Isles, CT Photos by Mariah and Melissa (Giggles)

Fun Fact about Erin and Doug: Doug proposed to Erin by spelling out "Will you marry me?" with Lite-brite

What girl could resist that?!

Oh, and then of course there's this ring... I think it may have sealed the deal.

I squealed when I saw Erin's dress- it has polka dot tulle!

And here is the lovely Erin... she looks absolutely stunning. I am insane for her gown- and insane for this location (in her parent's front yard!) I wonder if they'll mind when I start showing up there with other bridal parties... maybe they won't notice.

Jay at Golden Gate created this work of art in flowers. He does such a great job- and Erin loves him because he is just so nice too!

Double Trouble! This is Erin and her sister Katie. Katie is going to be a snap! bride next May!

Here Doug, the man behind the creative Lite-Brite proposal. Apparently when Erin met Doug at a party she told her friends "hands off Doug, he's mine!" Who could blame her? Melissa took this nice portrait.

Melissa also got this awesome detail of the program.

Erin's dad gave a really sweet toast where he talked about his nervousness right before walking down the aisle. He said he started worrying when Erin was born the moment he heard three words... "It's a girl!" The worry was for the moment he'd have to give her away. Well, the moment had arrived- but the story has a happy ending, because Doug is waiting at the other end and he's going to take really good care of Erin. Photo by Melissa.

Lovely church in Old Saybrook CT. Photo by Melissa.

Erin's cousin played the trumpet for the recessional. Photo by Melissa.

Married!!! I love the Vintage treatment on this picture with the red doors and leaves, it's so autumn.

So, this is Braydon. He's the newest member of the Keefe family. If you are stalking the blog, you might remember that his birth almost derailed my photodate with Erin and Doug last month. Luckily, Alli (Braydon's mom) was nice enough to get that whole birth thing over with quickly so that the show could go on. (Thanks Alli). Anyway, Braydon is quite the little man and everyone is in love with him.

More gorgeous flowers from Golden Gate.

So, this is the guy who won Katie's heart... and also whisked her away to Denmark! Steve is a professional hockey player... I told him to try not to get his teeth knocked out before the wedding. He said he'd do his best. Melissa thinks he looks like Brody Jenner. I didn't know who that was because I am clueless about celebrities and such.. so I googled him. I thinks she's right. Check it out: Brody Jenner

How does one make such good looking children? It's all in the gene pool. Doug's parents are pretty cute- you should have seen their wedding photo!

Does this look like October or July? Photo by Melissa.

Did I mention this spot is directly across from their house?

One of my favorite pics from the day.

This photo was a little bit of a debacle, but I am putting it in to prove a point. All the guys... especially Brody Jenner there on the end- were complaining that the wall hurt their bums. They didn't want to strike cool man poses here but I shamed them into it. I like this photo- so there! (I am sticking out my tongue!)

A more comfortable cool man - photo.

Meanwhile, Erin doesn't even flinch about sitting in the sand.

Melissa took this fun shot of the girls. The sunglasses were gifts to the men, I think they look just as nice on the ladies.

Erin and her dad's fav activity is fishing together. They have photos of themselves fishing from various stages in Erin's life... it's only fitting we should borrow this pole from a local fisherman!

On to the reception at Lake of Isles! More beautiful arrangements from Golden Gate, and snazzy lighting in the room too!

Erin's mom really wanted this picture for their family Christmas card... it's lovely ... BUT, when you get to the bottom of this post you'll see my suggestion for their family Christmas card... you be the judge.

We hopped in this golf cart to zoom down to the Lake for some "Foilage" shots.


The ringbearer and flowergirl make an appearance! Mackie the FG came all the way from Ireland the day before, so I think she deserves a shout out on the blog!

Okay... absolutely the two best entrances ever... a bull fight...

and a football entrance! This is a creative (and kooky) family!


AWH (2)!

Mr. Keefe displaying some nice dancing moves.

And here it is... my vote for the Keefe Christmas card and my last shot of the evening!

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PS. In case anyone is wondering, the groomsmen (chewie in particular) have renamed Melissa. We will now refer to her as Giggles. Apparently they really liked that Melissa was smiling all day. She is a very fun and happy girl! They said... "Giggles will take this picture, she takes a million pictures!" It's true... go Giggles!


  1. I don't know a lot about celebrities, but I do watch "The Hills" (I admit it) and Steve is totally Brody! AND my vote for the christmas card is the last one! A photo photo for such a fun family!
    Love, Giggles

  2. I meant "a fun photo for such a fun family" oops!