Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nicole and Brian at the State Room, Boston Photos by Mariah and Melissa

Melissa and I were so excited to head into Boston on Friday for the ultra - fantastic wedding of Nicole and Brian. First of all, Nicole and Brian are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. Nicole is completely laid back, and even when she gets slightly "ticked off" due to transportation issues, she is still hilarious and completely adorable. Easy to see why Brian is insane for her. Now Brian, he is quite a catch himself. He is attentive and affectionate- not to mention handsome AND he has every square inch of Boston committed to memory, so we had no trouble at all getting all around the city!
How gorgeous is Nicole's dress?! She got it at the "Running of the Brides" at Filene's! Melissa took this very dramatic photo of it in the suite where she was getting ready at the Langham Hotel. Love it!
Another awesome photo by Melissa, she was being very clever with this book wasn't she? Nicely done Melissa! She is the detail queen after all.

While Melissa is working hard, I am in the other room clowning around with the bridesmaids. Did something I said offend!? NO... just showing off the rings Nicole gave them as a gift. A little bit of sick humor- my favorite kind! Wow!

Nicole's sparkly wedding gift from Brian, I told you he's a dream!

Nicole is so gorgeous...she has the most beautiful green eyes.

Melissa is down stairs with Brian outside the hotel... we picked this spot for them to see each other for the first time. They are good looking and smart- doing their photos before the ceremony!

Here comes Nicole... that doorman looks pretty psyched. I think he approves!

This is the shot I envisioned... Nicole walking to meet Brian on the sidewalk.

I did not tell them to stop under that sign- they did that all on their own!

Brian approves too! It's unanimous!

So fall...

After their first meeting, we head over to the Boston Public Gardens for formal photos...site of Nicole and Brian's engagement AND our photo date last month. It is a terrific spot for photos! I love this shot of Nicole crossing the street to the park. One of the best parts about photographing in the city is the bystanders sneaking into the backgrounds... this dad and baby are pretty easy on the eyes!

We got to the park around 4ish, and the light was just right!

The whole gang, including Brian's brother the best man and sister and Nicole's two sisters.

Classic shot on the bridge, there were a lot of people crossing- so we had to wait for our moment.


Melissa got this shot from below the bridge. All the gals.. Did I mention Nicole and her bridesmaids made the bouquets themselves?!The men... they were outnumbered by the gals but didn't seem to care!

My shadow managed to make it in to this shot... When we had our photodate I noticed this musician and hoped he'd be there when we came back for the wedding. We were in luck! He played us a lovely number and Brian practiced dipping Nicole- as we walked away he played "here comes the bride"! Now that's service!

More walking... I'd really be in shape if I lived in the city! Our bus had to park on a main street because it couldn't get down the narrow streets in the north end. We all walked to the Old North Church, which as some of you may recall from 3rd grade History... The Old North Church is part of the story of Paul Revere, remember one if by land two if by sea? They hung the lanterns in the bell tower to let them know which way the British were coming. I know this because my son is in 4th grade and I had to help him study for American history last year! It was sort of interesting since I was definitely not paying attention when I was in 3rd grade! A little more history... The famous Tower...

Here's Nicole waiting inside for the processional to start.

The big moment! Melissa got this shot from the balcony. The Vicar is pretty strict at the church... we were instructed not to creep or creak! I guess because the church is so old it creaks a lot... we had to stay put and not move around. She meant business!

No matter... we got beautiful shots without creeping! Smooching outside the door of the church... Married!We ducked behind the alley of the church and there was this terrific spotlight shining on the brick wall. It's literally pitch dark out- I love digital photography!

Nicole really wanted to throw her bouquets and yell "OOPA!" So we did! No flash again- love that spotlight!

Making our way back to the bus...no flash here either, just street lights, very city.

We are off to the State Room. I've always wanted to photograph a wedding there, but this is my first opportunity- can't wait! We are on the 33rd floor, it's just what I pictured! I am petrified of heights, but Brian somehow convinces me to lean against the window and put my forehead on it and ... gulp!... look down! Melissa and I striking a pose with the skyline in the background...

Cool detail from the detail queen... Melissa

Having a little moment before they are introduced...

The dip is executed flawlessly, probably because of the practice they got in the park! Listening to toasts...The highlight of my evening! Dancing with Brian!!!

I turn my back for a moment and Melissa is moving in on my groom! hey!!!

Apparently neither one of us have a chance with Nicole around!

Thank you so much for showing us an amazing time around Boston! See you when you get back from Mexico!!!!

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