Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chrissy and Danny - Colt State Park - Photos by Trish

These guys are boring... Not really! Look how fun they are doing a jump for the camera, I love this one. I met up with these guys for a PhotoDate at the park. We were looking for a Fall feeling, and although there was not much foliage, I think it looks pretty "Fall". They were worried that they were too stiff, but I think that they did a great job, this shot got things off to a good start!

Here's a classic.

These two are really cute and romantical with each other.

This was a totally non-descript area in the park, but it was a perfect backdrop!

I did manage to find one tree that was turning, this was bright yellow, maybe a walnut tree?

More cuteness...

Trying out some new poses...

Colt State Park is so amazing, it's got all kind of cool nooks and crannies.

I thought this spot was sort of ethereal...

Again, so foliage, but looking kind of Fall anyway, whew.

This was fun, just to jazz things up a little!

Thanks to Chrissy and Dan, I had a really fun time with you, looking forward to next year!

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