Monday, October 20, 2008

Aisha and Dave Photodate, Newport - Photos by Trish

The forecast was windy, 54 and partly cloudy. That's exactly what it was! But we were all up for the shoot even in the cold. We started at 40 steps and then went to first beach for a few shots, the sun came out a few times and all worked out perfectly, we got some great shots! Aisha and Dave are really funny together, they are really and love and have a good time being together. It was a fun afternoon with them and I look forward to the wedding next year.

OK, so Dave is a bit of a handful as you can see here. He felt a little 'weird' in the beginning but warmed up to picture taking quite nicely!

He was rocking the 'man posing' as I like to say.

Aisha is a natural beauty and who wouldn't want to pose with her?!

How awesome is this expression. BTW Dave has been know to work out by pushing a car back and forth in a parking lot!!! That's how you get a big chest in case any of you guys were wondering.

More romance on the Cliffwalk...

There was of course lots of smooching going on during this shoot, lots!

Trying to stay warm at 40 Steps...

Look at all of those nice teeth! They are not dentists, they actually met in law school.

I tried to tell them that it would not look at chilly as it felt in the photos. But this one looks a little chilly.

Aisha wanted rocks. We got rocks, grass, water. The whole thing!

I think I was starting to wear them out with all of the posing at this point.

Look at how cute her foot is stepping up on Dave's to reach him.

This is my absolute favorite photo! It really shows such genuine emotion.

Thanks for a fun asession! Also, thanks to Aisha for being a loyal blog reader!!!

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  1. Darn! See? *I* should have married David! lol Hey Guys, your mom called me to see the pics. INCREDIBLE! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! See? I TOLD you Trish was awesome!
    (Hi Trish!)

    Love, Rebecca (Clark-Homer)