Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sarah + Zack at Harkness Mansion, Part Two

Posted by Melissa, Photos by Melissa and Sarah:

The place cards in all their glory! They are actually vintage postcards that Sarah found at a flea market. Score!

Dancing shoes...

I thought these straws were super fun.

There they are again! I love them!

Such beautiful colors!

And who doesn't love french fries!?

Whoever used those big sparkly letters I want to give you a high five! Nicely played!

Little Red Corvette

This blue fence is beyond cute! I love this picture! Sarah is working the shoes.

Zack is the tallest man alive so why not get a piggy back ride? It's a long way to the beach...

But so worth it!!!

Dear Boardwalk, I love you.

There was so much going on around us but you would never know! Someone was fishing to the right. A family portrait shoot to the left. The beach was hopping!

Sarah (the photog) working some bling magic

Finally we get to go pack to the party!

First Dance...

Photographer, not bride Sarah ran off to get some cool ambiance photos...

That Sarah is good!

Who needs one cake when you can have tons of cupcakes?

Dad and his girls!

I always love the candy bar! I can never resist stealing a reeses peanut butter cup... Or two.

Zack's friends were crazy dancers!!!! They all were in t-shirts within the first hour of the reception. Some boys do not like to dress up!

Sarah singing for her guests! The way she is holding the singer's wrist makes you think she never wants to stop!

My last romance shot!

I lied!

One more smooch outside!

Sarah and Zack, I hope you had an awesome time on your European honeymoon through Spain, Italy and France... I'm totally jealous! Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!

All the details:
Gown: Augusta Jones
Florist: Hana Floral Design
Caterer: Gourmet Galley
Cupcakes: Crumbs, Westport Ct
Canoli: Mike's Pastry, Boston MA
Entertainment: Cracked Ice, Westport CT
Hair: Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon, Groton CT
Makeup: D.D. Nickel, New Haven CT

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  1. Wonderful and love-filled photos! Beautiful bride, handsome groom, stunning wedding party, fabulous decorations and flowers! What more could anyone want! I feel like I was there and had a wonderful time again! Thanks for sharing! Michele van der Kieft