Monday, September 20, 2010

Sarah + Zack at Harkness Mansion, CT... Part One

Posted by Melissa, Photos by Melissa and Sarah
Nothing makes me happier than a bride who adds a little pizazz to the traditional white bridal attire! What else makes me happy? Kate Spade! Sarah is two for two here! Green shoes and an awesome little clutch...

Finishing touches before the dress. Sarah looks beautiful!

While I was with the ladies Sarah was over at Harkness Memorial State Park in CT with the guys! Looks like they were having a good time!

I did Sarah and Zack's engagement shoot over a year ago. Zack is in the Coast Guard. Two days after our shoot he was on active duty. He was gone for almost a year! Thankfully he came back to us unharmed!
A big thank you to Zack for serving our country and being so brave...

The big reveal!! Sarah told me that this is the moment she was looking forward to the most. Looks like Zack is pretty excited too!

Sarah looks almost giddy in this one! Love it!

Romantical! Harkness is one of my favorite venues! It's always a treat to go there.

I don't think that this is a situation that happens too often. Sarah is almost a foot shorter than Zack! She should commission someone to design her a fashionable step ladder to carry around for impromptu kisses. This step was perfect for the height difference.

The complete wedding party! Those kids are all of Sarah and Zack's nieces and nephews. I love a wedding with lots of kids! It always add a little excitement to the day. You never know what they are going to do!

Adults only

Such beautiful gardens at Harkness!

Nothing like a leisurely stroll on your wedding day

Adorable!! I love those little feet!

Time for Sarah to get her photo on. How beautiful does she look?! I had high hopes for this wedding. Sarah has such good taste! She did not disappoint.

Daddy's littlest girl (she is the baby of four girls!)


The ladies taking a walk over to sneak a peek at the reception prep...

Going to the chapel...

This little guy ran right at me! I'm happy to say that he turned into a pew before knocking me over!

The kids did an awesome job!

The other big moment!

The light was perfect in the chapel.

Sarah had a couple of teary moments, but she made it through.

Mr and Mrs T!

We hid off to the side of the chapel for a couple of pics before the big exit. I love these trees!

Taking off in Sarah's father's corvette! He must like Zack! He let him marry his daughter AND drive this sweet car!?

There's Dad looking on. He may be smiling but he's thinking "Don't you scratch it!"
Part 2 is coming at-cha! Stay tuned!

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