Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Laurie and Mike at The Aldrich Mansion / Part Two

Posted by: Trish / Photos by: Trish and Melissa

Back for more, I knew you would be. Who could resist these two good looking people...the answer to that is no one!

I seriously cannot stop looking at Laurie's hair! It's so awesome!

Mike has so many looks, here's serious, but he can do cute and funny too!

They are such a sweet couple, and very in love with each other!

The light was so beautiful! I love how they look like they are cutting right through the sunlight.

Such a classic, everything was so perfect!

The grand facade, as they say.

I love Laurie's expression here. Not sure if she is loving Mike or loving that the formal photos are over with!

This front door is so amazing, there just is not way to go wrong with it!

The first reception room where they had their second half of the meal.

It feels like it's dripping fanciness!

Decorated chairs for the King and Queen of the night!

The bride's cake, it was fun to see Laurie light up when she saw it for the first time.

The second reception room.

They had a really fun surprise 'fly over' with a little message trailing behind. That spec in the sky is a plane...

It was kind of far away, being up in the sky and all, so here's a close up of the message...

Such nice details...


The big dip...a real crowd pleaser!

They had a romantic but nerve wracking dance out on the terrace,I think Mike was pretty relieved when this was done!

Mike had some good moves here...

Our maid of honor giving the bride and groom a little bit of a razzing...

Best toast ever!!!! It had the perfect amount of sincerity, humor and tact. I would like him to give some seminars to the future best men, seriously!

Yay, a little blue light is always a good thing.

You might notice a serious pattern of Mike kissing and loving up Laurie...cause she's totally hot stuff!!!!

Having the second part of the meal in the second room...

Double cakes, Mike got a Phillies cake (boooo).

Just a very small sampling of their HUGE dessert buffet, those three words should always be together!

The Photo Lounge was in the house for some added photo fun...

Getting down!

Love this shot, and check out her hair! Still perfect after like 10 hours!

And they're off to some fabulous honeymoon destination.

A little end of the night smooching outside...just the 3 of us, how romantic!

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