Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jen + John at the Glen Manor ... Part One

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Mariah and Sarah:
Ah, the Glen Manor... it's like an old friend! Strangely, Jen and John's wedding was my first at the Glen for this season, but it was great to be back!

Beautiful peony bouquet by Sayles.

Jen's dress, so sweet and perfect for her.

I love me a veil. This one was made for the bride by her maid of honor, Erin.

Sweet and sparkly.

Speaking of sweet and sparkly, this is our handsome groom John (lawyer, surfer, adoptive dad to the furry Tango, and future husband of Jen).

Pretty handsome photo. Sarah had the pleasure of macking (I mean making) these shots of John.

John is a goof ball always making jokes... it's a quality I admire.

The flowergirl, taking a spin in mom's shoes...

Zipping our bride in... Jen is an absolute peanut. She's super fit and athletic. Much to horror, someone (who's name will not be mentioned here) said "it's off by an inch!" as they were zipping her in. Luckily it was a false alarm, the dress fit like a glove.

All the lovelies...

How gorgeous is that?!

A little portrait of the bride.

Now, Trish is probably going to accuse me of ripping her off here because well, I did. But, seriously these shoes deserve to be spotlighted.

next generation snap....

Erin expertly attaching the veil.

Love this one.

Almost time... Jen was really nervous about this moment leading up to the wedding. She was worried she might throw up when the big moment came and everyone turned to look at her... let's see what happens...

Jen was escorted by her mom and brother.

What a vision for John at the other end of the aisle!

She looks pretty good here, all happiness and no nausea!

I think John is excited too!

Their good friend Steve married them. he had never preformed a ceremony before, but did a fabulous job. He looks very respectable here, but things get a little crazy in the photo lounge in the 3rd blog post (stay tuned).


Mr. and Mrs.

The details:
Wedding Gown: Lazaro
Shoes: Laboutin
Hair and Makeup: Revive
Bridesmaids gowns: Amsale

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  1. Love these pictures and all your comments! They make looking at the pictures feel like I was there! I am at the Glen on Saturday and can't wait! :)- Jaime Nelson