Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Laurie and Mike at The Aldrich Mansion, Part One

Posted by: Trish / Photos by: Trish and Melissa

I met Laurie and Mike so long ago that it felt like the wedding would never come, but it did and it was an awesome day and she was an absolute vision!!! Mike is a lucky guy!

Not to mention that Laurie's last name is Gilmore, so I felt right at home with my people, although we are not related, but whatever.

This shot below might be a favorite of mine from the whole season, just something about it!

Oooh, bridal goodness.

Her hair was a masterpiece. And all that spraying paid off as her hair did not move the entire day!

Mike's friends helping him get it together...after what sounded like a night of hazing! I wonder how many 'misc' charges came up from the Crowne Plaza?!!?

Laurie's tiny girly ring proped up inside Mike's giant man ring!

Laurie and her mom, who helped with so much of the wedding planning, they were so cute together, loved her dress!

Just hanging out next to the elevators!

We went over to Aldrich for a few shots upstairs before the ceremony, here we are in the bathroom!

I just loved these doorways.

Laurie was working it pretty good here!

She's a natural! Natural beauty that is!

All the girls, what a great group of ladies, all so nice and fun!

The bouquet is beautiful, but the table really makes it I think.

More shots in the bathroom...not too shabby, although I do have the same tile in my bathroom, but that's about it!

I thought that these necklaces for the bridesmaids were so delicate and pretty. I need one in silver!

The guys over at the church working the group shot with Melissa.

They are a very fun bunch, so they HAD to have a jumping shot!

Laurie ready to go off to the ceremony...

You can just feel the excitement here!

The big moment about to head down the isle...

Wow, look at those smiles, such beautiful ladies!

They call this the chapel, but it's pretty magnificent for a chapel, love the light here!

I love their expressions, don't they look so innocent and sweet?


Out into the bright light of the world as a married couple now!

Mike is totally putting the moves on Laurie here I think. But hey, it's all good once you are married!

The whole gang, very big gang!

Trying to bring it in a little here, this is what happens when you are really fun and popular!

This is what happens when you have a fabulous wedding and the weather is perfect...your bum looks really awesome in your wedding gown! Go Laurie, seriously!!!!

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  1. Spectacular wedding! Magnificent day! Beautiful bride, handsome groom. Amazing photos! Who could ask for more? -with love from one of Laurie's "second" moms