Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sarah and Zack's Photodate in Newport

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Mariah:

Here is our second Sarah and Zack! Sarah and Zack #1, just got married, so these guys will be their 2011 replacements! I was looking forward to their photodate in Newport because we really hit it off when they came for a visit a while back. Sarah is a big blog fan (and so is her mom- shout out to Nancy!) so I am sure they are pretty excited that now it's their turn... so here we go!

A very blond, very good looking family of three!

Sarah and Zack are having their wedding at Belle Mer, but haven't had much of a chance to explore Newport. I took them to a favorite scenic overlook...

They wasted no time enjoying the view, and of course each other. Snuggling is the best, isn't it?

I love this shot!

More snuggling, lots of "pecs" action going on here. Zack has muscles on top of his muscles. I would imagine he's nice to hug, I tried to weasel my way into a hug from him, but alas, Sarah wasn't really having it.

Fav photo of the evening! Zack pulled up wearing these sunglasses and I knew he'd want to wear them in a few shots. This photo makes me happy because it kind of looks like they are on the moon. If they form a punk rock band, I hope they use this as their album cover. That may be a stretch, maybe they could form a pec- rock band...

It's romantical standing on the moon.


More fuzzy family fotos- say that ten times fast!

Guess how they met?
P.S. Doesn't Sarah have pretty hands?
P.S.S. Nice choice on the ring Zack... ba-bling!

I like this one, it feels really natural.

Let's end it feeling warm and fuzzy all over, shall we?
It was a feel good night!
Can't wait for the big day... come on July 2011 hurry up and get here already!

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