Friday, September 3, 2010

Jen + John at the Glen Manor, Part Two

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Sarah and Mariah:

it was the perfect time of night for portraits just as the ceremony ended. Glen Manor has a wealth backdrops for photos, but this spot is definitely my favorite.

So gorgeous! Doesn't it feel like a summer evening?

A few relaxed pix with the fam.

The bridal party...

The guys clowning around a bit...

Awww, lucky girl!

How cute are these two?

I could have shot here all night, but we want to squeeze in a trip down to the water...

I thought this spot was kind of cool too.

It's a little treacherous but worth the trek.

One of my fav shots from the day.

Jen is getting a little hand from her man and working those shoes too.


A sweet locket with a photo of Jen's parents.

I love this photo, I just put my camera on the ground and snapped without composing. Lucky!

Love this one too, so feminina...
Pretty arrangements from Sayles.

Simple and lovely cake from Confectionery Designs.

Good times!

A funny toast from the best men.

Sarah got this fun shot of the dancing, I love the perspective.

My view...

Sarah's view- so fun!

Okay, what can I say about the wonder that is Glorious Affairs catering?
They are so fantastic, and the food is marvelous!
They give super personalized and professional service. Call them if you really want something special!

How yummy does this look? I had to buy tortellini for dinner last night after working on this photo!

The snap! guestbook folio in action...

How's that for a finish? Nobody puts baby in the corner!

Coming up next? Jen and John's photolounge!

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  1. Absolutely fabulous photographs. You truly captured the essence of the wedding and celebration. I can hardly wait to have an album of hard copies as the Proud Mother of the Bride.

    Victoria Koles