Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thompson CT Weding Photography... Nila + Eric at the Lord Thompson Manor, Part 3

Posted by Trish:

Well, it's sad but this is the final installment of Nila and Eric's wedding, aw bummer.

More furry greetings from their baby.

Listening to the best mans toast...

The whole gang, they had their closest friends and family there to celebrate with them, just 75 guests, so intimate and special.

ooh, yummy. Remind me not to blog in the morning, now I'm hungry!

With Eric's parents...

The man of honor looking on and waiting for a bridal need to happen. Leo is adorable.

The wedding party, ring dog included of course.

Our front at the Manor, it's such a neat place. You drive up a long driveway and get to this beautiful quiet place in the woods, like you are at someones house.

There was lots of kissing going on with these two, very in love!

Eric will be going to Japan for two years next month to serve as an army doctor there. Wow, Nila is going to be missing her honey for sure! luckily she will have lots of photos to look through when she's feeling sad.

A beautiful set up in the dining room.

Orange, it's the new sage green.

Cupcakes, they are the new chocolate fountain.

See what I mean about the smooching...

and then there was mooching too!

Sienna is trying to will one of those cupcakes to hit the floor, heavy concentration!

How romantical out on the back lawn at sunset...

The sky was a beautiful pick color, since it was still cloudy it was just this beautiful even light everywhere.

These two have such a great connection, it's so nice being around them.

I loved this cozy little vignette under this tree. It was such a hot and humid night, kind of makes me think of the South.

Ahhh, my favorite blue light scene...

Did I mention that Nila is also an ER doctor? That's how they met, cute! (and smart)

Everyone had a fantastic time dancing the night away, especially the bride and groom, as it should be!

Thank you so much for having me be part of your day! It was a pleasure spending your wedding day with you and capturing all of these memories for you, I wish you all of the best in the future and especially safe travels!!! -Trish

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  1. I guess I just can't say thank you enough!