Friday, June 4, 2010

Scituate, MA Wedding Photography, Alison + Alex

Posted and Photographed by Mariah:

What a fantastic Sunday drive I had last weekend to visit Alison and Alex in Scituate! Never been to Scituate? You should go... it's absolutely beautiful, a quintessential New England seaside town. Although it was only May, it felt like summer was in full swing. Ali had the luck of spending a whole month of her summers growing up right down the street from this pretty beach. It was fun to get a tour from her and hear about all her fond memories of this area.

It was only 10am, but already really bright out. We managed to find some shady spots for portraits though.

I love these fun weathered steps leading down to the beach.

A nice little nook for snuggling.

Ali is very sunshiney girl herself, if she was a season she'd definitely be summer.

We made our way out on to these slippery rocks because well, anything for photos. We suffered one casualty... Alex's sunglasses!

I love this photo. Such a beautiful spot.

The classic kissing in the surf shot. That speck in the background is the "I love you" lighthouse. it flashes in a 1-4-3 pattern for I- L-O-V-E- Y-O-U. Very cute.

These beautiful peony flowers were growing in Alison's aunt's house. I love the pink and blue that match Alison and Alex's outfits.

When I was driving in I noticed this fantastic marshy area. Alison asked me when I got to the house if I wouldn't mind going to the marsh to do some photos. Would I?!

I am absolutely crazy for the romantical-ness of this spot.

It's a funny location too!

Too cute.

I asked Alex how he and Alison met. They met at a party of a mutual friend. Alex was getting ready to leave when Ali walked in. Change of plan for sure. Later on he invited her to a party he said he was having that didn't actually exist so he could get her phone number. Smooth! She may have seen through this, but gave him her number anyway and a few days later they went on a date (party of 2).

Good thing there is a map for this marsh, wouldn't want to get lost in here.

Next stop, the lighthouse!

So pretty!

These guys are two of the nicest people and I can't wait for their wedding in August. Ali is a photo crazy person (girl after my own heart), I hope that these photos satisfy her photo addiction, until the wedding that is!

And, the money shot (literally ha-ha). I placed the ring on this periwinkle and then it started sliming away from me. It wasn't fast enough though to get away from me.

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  1. Absolutely stunning photos ... Alison - I cannot wait to share in your beutiful day! Being friends for over twenty years now, I'd like to think we're more like family. And realizing that you've found the one that completes you, makes me smile :) Welcome to the fam, Alex ... XO to you both.