Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stonington, CT Wedding Photography, Ximena and Cem

How I spent my Memorial day, by Mariah:

Another lovely drive for me, but this time it was to Stonington CT to meet Ximena (pronounced Hee-meh-na) and Cem (pronounced Gem) for a fun little photodate.
I have never been to Stonington, and there is one word to describe it: quaint.
Sleepy streets, gingerbread architecture, ocean breezes, sunny porches, and lots of flags waving for the holiday.
I even got a little bonus, Ximena and Cem had brought along the family pooch, meet Robin.

X + C are having their wedding in Watch Hill at the newly refurbished and reopened Ocean House. I cannot wait to go there, it is amazing.
Watch Hill, RI is actually around the corner from Stonington and X + C come here when they want to escape the summer crowds of Watch Hill.

We walked up and down the main street and found so many little nooks, fun colors, and textures to delight my photographic senses!

Ximena informs me her mom is crazy for photos, especially wedding photos.
Uh oh, the pressure is on!

How could I go wrong with these guys as my subjects though?

Cem had found these vines on a side street on a previous trip. he thought it would make a good place to smooch Ximena. I agree!


How sweet is Ximena's little face? Honestly!

Couldn't resist...

Which got me thinking... what does it mean to be in harmony? I think it means having the same values and goals. I think it means having the same vision for your life together. For instance, X + C feel that being around their families is of the utmost importance. They are a close knit bunch. They can't imagine not raising their future children close to the grandparents... that is what is important to them... Ahhh, harmony.

A little chemistry doesn't hurt either.

Oh, and a sense of humor. Cem is forever teasing and cracking jokes. He likes to get Ximena's nephews all riled up. Hurray for the fun uncle!
My husband does this with my kids right before bedtime. I give him the look, because someone has to be the hard ass.
Ximena is giving me a knowing look here, like "oh, your guy is a goofball too."

Such a beauty.

Handsome Cem! Nice man pose!

I love this one, is she going to say something profoundly romantic? It looks like she might...

We headed back to check on Robin who was waiting patiently in the car. I felt she need a little more photo time... she agreed.

No she is mad at me. Such a diva. I can't work like this.

Oooh, pink and sparkly. What better combo is there? None actually- that's why the wedding colors will be fuschia and apricot. Ximena's ring has such a lovely vintage look... I love it.

Thanks for showing me around Stonington guys! Tell Robin I said hi! See you in July!

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