Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thompson, CT Wedding Photography...Nila + Eric at the Lord Thompson Manor

Posted by Trish:

Well, the wedding season is under way! When I meet with people it seems like their wedding day is so far off, I'm sure that they feel the same way! So it's always so fun to show up and actually be 'doing' the wedding, this day was no exception...

Nila picked up this little number at The White Dress By The Shore in CT, she kept say that it was really simple, which I guess it was, but it was so romantic and elegant and flowy.

Everything from Tiffany is good. There is one at the Providence Place Mall now, oooh.

Nila got ready in this fabulous spa at The Cottages which is the sister house to Lord Thompson Manor, so cool! Everything is white and cream, they do it all there. Flowers by Sayles Livingston.

Nila is not really a make-up person, but knew that having herself highlighted by a profesh was the way to go.

Finishing touches...

These sparkley shoes were awesome!


Another little beautiful nook for a photo...

She is so stunning!

How amazing is this porch? More white and dreamy locations...

Wowza Nila! They had considered a wedding in Spain, but that would have been more like and elopement and Eric really wanted to have a wedding with everyone there, I can see why!

This dress is amazing.

As you might remember from their photodate, the star of the show is Sienna...

The lovely Becca was second shooting with me and went to get some shots of the guys getting ready before the ceremony.

Eric's brother was on hand for support, tie tying can be rough!

Oh, actually this tie looks great.

Eric is such a sweet person, he doesn't always look this intense, but his is an ER doctor so it's obviously part of his personality to be able to concentrate when it matters.

So handsome. Seriously.

Great shot by Becca, I love it. I think it's funny how I got such a similar shot of Nila probably at around the same time...that's what you call a 'Snap! attack'.

More tomorrow from the ceremony and formals....

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  1. Oh my goodness, Trish... amazing shots, one after another! Thank you, so so much...