Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thompson CT Wedding Photography...Nila + Eric Part 2

As I mentioned, Sienna the ring dog is really the star of the show. I know that Nila and Eric will totally agree, so I don't feel bad about posting so many photos of her...because seriously, how cute is this?! I love paws.

Ring dog formal portrait. A must have.

Sienna with the men, the three brothers, before the ceremony.

Lord Thompson Manor has this amazing spot for ceremonies...

Oooh. The light in the front hallway was so lovely.

I loved the necklace that tied in the back and hung down in the front and back, very cool.

Fluffing and waiting before the ceremony.

We got seriously lucky with the weather, there were a few drops and then it stopped about a minute before this photo. There was a big thunderstorm coming right at us and then it veered off at the last minute. Nice.

Sienna looking on as her parents make it official, she looks excited about it.

Eric looks happy too!

It was actually fabulous that it was overcast so there was nice even light for the ceremony photos, thank you!

Nila is seriously stunning!


Right as they were pronounced husband and wife Sienna let out a big woof at the perfect time, you could not have planned it! Clearly she was a happy puppy!

How great is that carpet of rose petals?!

The first official family portrait!

I love this shot, a happy moment! Oh and more furry doggy which you can't have enough of!

Sienna checking out the brides bouquet...

We took a little walk into the woodsy area around the house, so gorgeous!

These two are so in love, it's very sweet.

Can't you just feel the air in this one?

Totally romantical. As Mariah would say.

One more post tomorrow...