Friday, June 25, 2010

Block Island Wedding Photography...Kristy and Jamie at the Sullivan House, Part 2

Posted by Mariah:

Kristy and Jamie started visiting Block Island together a few years ago, and like many other people fell in love with it's rustic seaside charm. They decided on the Sullivan House for their wedding. I love the SH, it really feels like summer vacation.
Kristy's Monique Lhuillier dress....

ooooo- Jimmy Choo.

One of my favorite things about the SH is this fabulous porch that is covered in beach rocks. I thought it would make a perfect spot for a photo of the rings. I had them placed perfectly, and then had a panic attack when I pictured them rolling off the stone and into one of the cracks in the porch. I literally panicked, my legs got all jelly and my chest got tight. I snapped this photos and then quickly put them back in their boxes. (Disclaimer: the rings were actually safe the whole time, I just had an irrational moment).

When I took this photo, I also got shortness of breath, but in a good way this time.
Kristy's beautiful makeup by: Robin Mcaloon

I love this vintage-ness of this photo. It looks like it belongs hanging in the SH.

My lovely second shooter, Lisa captured this shot of Kristy. Classic.

Time for a few quick photos before the ceremony.

Kristy and the MOH, also her sister.

All the ladies, I am crazy for their dresses and necklaces.
Dresses by Liddy Dresses and necklaces by Julia Meredith.

Hello, Gorgeous!

A little fun with the veil.

All time BI fav photo #1.

Let's not forget Jamie waiting patiently at the church. How cute is he?


Their priest is a family friend and came all the way to BI to marry them.

Hurray! Mr and Mrs!

Coming up next... Kristy braves the rain and goes umbrella-less! Now that's photo determination. She is my kind of girl.
A couple of mentions:
Flowers by La Bella Rose
Wedding Planning: Mona Dwyer

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