Monday, January 11, 2010

Mondays with Mariah....No. 1

ad.ap.ta.tion - Adjustment to environmental conditions. Modification according to changing circumstances.

Welcome to the first installment of Mondays with Mariah! We thought you might enjoy getting to know the snappers a little better during these long, cold, winter months... New Year's is a reflective time anyway. I love New Years. I love the idea of a clean slate. I love starting new and trying to get it right or maybe just better. I have resolved to get to know myself better. I suffer from an affliction known as adaptability. I can adapt myself to just about any situation or circumstance. What's wrong with that you might ask? Well, if you are always adapting to every situation how do you figure out what you really like and don't like? Since New Years is also a time to think about your flab, I have been considering rejoining (for the 100th time) the Y close to my house. Guess what I decided though? I HATE the gym. I HATE exercise machines. Not just a little bit... a whole lot. If I join the Y and give them my moolah, I will not go. I should just face that fact and move on. What do I like then? Walking! I LOVE walking. Mostly I love walking barefoot on the beach. Can't do that in January... or can you?

Meet my new best friends! My sketcher shape-ups!
Motto: shape up without ever stepping foot in the gym! YES!

These freaky sneakys are designed to simulate walking barefoot on the beach! They take a little getting used to but they are extremely comfy. You can wear them for a walk or just shopping around. They strengthen your back, belly, bum and thighs because you are keeping your core engaged while you walk!
Here's me on the test drive...
P.S. I am the most uncoordinated person on the planet and I did not fall down while wearing these.

Look, here's me not in the gym! Happy! This is where my adaptability is working for me, because I am adaptable, I can suffer through 30 minutes of biting cold wind.

Besides, if I was in the gym staring at the TV I would have missed this.

Happy Monday!
Does anyone out there also love the sketcher shape ups?

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  1. No snappy sneakers, just regular ol' asics...I too hate the gym and have resolved to never join another one...and hey, the great outdoors just happens to be free...let me know how those special butt lifters work out!~Courtney