Friday, January 15, 2010

A Moment with Melissa... No. 1

I'm up! I guess it's my turn to tell you a little bit about me, Melissa, in my first ever Moment with Melissa blog post. A Moment with Melissa... Sounds romantic! I'm sad to say that I have little to report. Nothing really going on with me these days. Let me try and think here... What have I been up to?

Well, I picked up my vitamins yesterday.

What else? Went shopping for some new clothes.

Ended up buying some doo dads for the house...

I'm a big reader! Love to read! I was leafing through some old books I have...

I also got some new books for my 3 year old daughter, Zoe!

I guess there is ONE thing going on with me - I'm pregnant! Duh! My husband and I are be expecting a new family member this March. I can't believe in two months we will be a family of four! Sometimes I look at Zoe and I'm just overcome with emotion - love, happiness, amazement. To me she's the most perfect thing in the world. To think that coming up very soon there will be another little person who will make me feel that way. And it all happens in a snap! (no pun intended). Pretty amazing!

Here's the little bugger when I was three months along. Sort of looks like it has flippers!

Here he (or she) is 7 months along! This one freaks me out because it looks like a deformed puppet of Jay Leno! Please don't let my baby look like a deformed puppet of Jay Leno! Look at the pointy chin and big puffy cheeks. My husband assures me that all ultrasound photos look strange. Regardless I'm not watching Jay Leno's talk show (I like Conan better anyway)

Another thing about the above photo - it is a cruel joke that it is being held up by a sushi magnet! I'm not supposed to eat sushi while I'm pregnant. It's my favorite food! Makes me very sad...

There has been an outbreak of former snap clients getting pregnant!! Congrats to all the past snappers now turned future moms! Anyone else sad about sushi?


  1. Congratulations Melissa! So are wedding photographers like professional sports have to plan your baby's arrival for the "off season"? Hehe! I noticed you sushi magnet before I read your comment! You poor thing. Can you eat a california roll? You'd at least get the feeling of eating sushi. And I'm SURE your baby won't look like Jay Leno! Too funny. :) - Sam (of Sam and Mike)

  2. Thanks, Sam! I totally did "schedule" the baby on the off season! I can eat a california roll and other cooked rolls. Before the baby comes I'm totally going out for a non raw sushi roll dinner! Let's keep our fingers crossed for no Jay Leno features!

    Tell Mike hello for the snappers!

  3. Yay Melissa!!! Congrats! Giving up sushi is definitely going to be the toughest thing to not have when I am preggers. I am currently on baby watch because my matron of honor is due this week!!! We just went out for out last dinner before baby and guess what we had SUSHI!!! We only ordered cooked rolls of course. You have to keep us updated!
    xoxo Aisha

  4. Aisha, that is so exciting!! I wish her luck! You know my baby was the mystery third assistant at your wedding! If and when you and Dave have a little boy that is going to be one ripped baby! HA!
    Hope all is well

  5. CONGRATS Melissa! That is very exciting! March will be here so soon... amazing. And this post is totally adorable :-) Cheers, Jen (and Mike too!)