Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Dish with Trish... No. 1

The funny thing is that when kids would call me "Trish the dish" in grammar school I took it really personally. Of course it's all in the tone and spirit in which it's said. Who knew that it would come in so handy as my catchy blog title?!

So welcome to my first episode and I'll try to not disappoint on the heels of Mariah and Melissa's totally cute posts. Incidentally I found a fabulous pair of the Sketcher Shape Ups in a black fashion shoe and am quite enjoying them!

I thought I would share some photos that I took on New Year's day while visiting my mom on Cape Cod. I enjoy the little scenes among the larger scene, landscapes are definitely not my thing though!

This is Grey's Beach in Yarmouth Port where we love to go in the summer, so it was such a contrast to see it on a cold winter day, but fun to discover something so different than what we are used to.


This is the beach and is usually sand! Isn't my boy the cutest thing on the planet?! He normally likes to throw rocks into the water here, but not this day!

Thanks for looking, See you next time!

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