Monday, May 10, 2010

Tori and Joe in Central Park, NYC

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Trish:
Joe and Tori met us in the park in the late morning... Trish and I had fun watching the horses clomp by with their carriages and passengers while we sat in the shade waiting for T & J to arrive. Tori and Joe live in the city now but Tori is originally from the Newport and Joe is from Las Vegas. They met in college at Fordham University, which as it turned out, was right next to our hotel. Tori says she really likes "classic" things, so I think she'll appreciate this first kind of classic portrait.

Joe and Tori are having their "classic" Newport wedding at Rosecliff this September.

I love this photo of Tori. She is a really dynamic girl, full of ENERGY! She's spunky, smart and enthusiastic, that's our kind of bride! Oh, and she's stunning, how about those eyes?

She's kind of a classic California- surfer type beauty. I don't know id she actually surfs, but I could picture her doing it!

Too cute.

I love this photo. Tori told us that Joe is very funny and is always quick with the witty (code for smart-alec) comments. He can't help it... he's Italian!

It was hard to get a photo of them serious, they crack each other up.


Love this one, challenging to get- but worth it! Nice job Trish.

Tori has been having nightmares that Trish and I miss her wedding... I analyzed her dreams for her and I think what I came up with is that she's worried she'll miss part of the fun of the day if she doesn't let go and just enjoy... hard to do when you are so involved and focused on the planning. It's hard to switch gears.. but don't worry we'll help Tori and remind her to breathe and have fun! And, we'll definitely be there!

I love this one too.

Ah, Romantic.


Will end it with one more classic but lovey- dovey shot... these guys look good together.

Bam! Sorry about the pollen on your ring after this shot Tori!

Tori and Joe, Thanks for the restaurant recommendation... it was just the ticket.
Maybe these pix will help you to stop having Snap!- induced nightmares- we wouldn't miss it for the world!

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