Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Maria and Nick in Central Park, NYC

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Mariah:

Maria and Nick were a bit of a mystery to me, as we had never met in person. Imagine my delight to find these two waiting for me! I was excited to have such enthusiastic subjects.

Often, the bride is totally into the photodate while the groom is a shall we say... a little reluctant. Not the case with Nick! He was ready, willing, and gave it his all. I think you'll agree that the photos reflect this. He was teasing Maria and told him it was the two shots of whiskey he had before they left the house. I am not one to advocate for drinking whiskey, but hey if it will loosen you up for photos, whatever! (For the record- Nick was sober and no photographers were harmed during the making of this photodate.)

This photo was nearly impossible to get, there were so many people in the park.

Nick and Maria have known each other since high school. They were just friends back then...

Their relationship blossomed when Nick went abroad and Maria found herself jealous of the fun (and dates) he was having without her. Turns out this was all part of Nick's master plan to win her over!

Nick is a smart guy & patient... and he ended up with the girl.

Nicely done.

Maria seems pretty happy with her decision to be "tricked!"

Nick is practicing his first dance moves here...

Fred and Ginger have nothing on these guys...

This is my favorite shot. Love everything about it.


Nothing like strolling with your sweetie.

Honestly, I practically had to give no direction to these guys. They are naturals!

Can't wait to see you guys tie the knot!
Nick- You were a first rate subject, I may have you do a blog post about "how to show you are totally in love with your fiancee." Maria is a lucky girl! Maria- I hope you love the photos, you look beautiful! Hugs, Mariah & Trish

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