Thursday, May 6, 2010

Emily and Adam in Central Park, NYC

Posted by Mariah:

Emily + Adam...our first shoot of the weekend. We met them in the park on Friday afternoon. The temperature was lovely, the light was beautiful, and the company was absolutely enjoyable. What a fabulous couple these two are! So sweet, funny, friendly, and let's not forget good looking! We had fun walking around a bit and I was pretty dazzled by Emily's sassy little dress. They were good troopers climbing into this potentially poison ivy filled location.
They were rewarded for the perseverance with a little shower of falling petals. Pretty magical.


Are they cute or what? Don't they totally match?!

I love the pattern of the tunnel with the pattern in Emily's dress, it's kind of patriotic in a way.

She's definitely a star.

Relaxing in the park...

I LOVE this photo. It's a classic. It really captures a moment in time.

A slightly different angle, but the same idea.

I asked Emily and Adam how they met, they were set up on a blind date! Apparently, they had a mutual friend (forgive me, her name escapes me). Anyway, the friend told Emily, "I know your next boyfriend." Problem was, Emily was already attached. Guess her friend wasn't giving that relationship very good odds! Meanwhile, Adam was wondering when he was going to get to go out with this girl he had been hearing about (Emily). Because Emily wasn't quite in the market, the friend set him up with someone else. It was a less than fabulous experience that left poor Adam a little traumatized. Meanwhile, Emily had become a free agent, but now Adam was gun shy! Will these two ever meet?! Brave Adam gave his friend another chance to set him up despite her serious lapse in judgement the first time. Thank goodness he is a forgiving guy because in walked Emily! The rest is history...

Pretty stylish!

I love this one.

Emily, you are gorgeous!

So cute!

How's that for sparkle? A sparkly ring for a sparkly girl.
Emily and Adam, I can't wait to photograph your wedding in June! Thank you for finding us in the park & thank you for working it in the photos. Hope you love them!

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