Saturday, May 8, 2010

Amanda and Jeremy in NYC

Posted by Mariah:
Doesn't the old saying go..."What does not kill us will make us stronger"....? Amanda and Jeremy needed a little vacation so they decided to meet us in NYC. A few weeks Amanda lost everything she owned in the big Rhode Island FLOOD! A + J watched in horror as the entire apartment was consumed by three feet of flood water. So, why are they so happy? because they are in love, that's why! Duh. Trish and I met Amanda and Jeremy in Rockefeller Center, a favorite hangout for them.

Amanda is an optimist... she sees the glass as half full. Lost all my clothes? Just an excuse to buy new ones! (Cute jacket by the way).

Amanda was at work when her apartment building began to flood. She told Jeremy to grab her some clothes. He grabbed two pairs of pants and a pair of shoes. No shirts! No underwear! Typical guy. Good thing Amanda has a sense of humor. She'll need it if she has to go to work topless! (That will teach Jeremy).

Love this one... hello spring!

Happy Happy Happy.

Really LOVE this one.

These guys are so cute bopping around the city together having adventures.

Smooching, it's a classic.

I love all these city-ish photos that Trish got.

Oh yeah. A canvas for their newly painted walls? I think so.

I love that one minute you are in the middle of the city and the next minute you are in the park.

Winding down in a shady spot, shady in a good way- not shady in a we might get mugged way.

Love this one. Jeremy is thinking... how did I get so lucky to find this little cutie?

Amanda feels pretty lucky too I think.

And, to top it off a little bling amongst the moss.

A + J, hope your lives are getting back to normal. Hope you are having fun buying a new wardrobe, and home goods, linens, kitchen supplies, bedding...etc etc. Hey, that's not fun, just expensive! Thanks for getting up early in the morning! xoxox Mariah & Trish

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