Thursday, May 20, 2010

Narragansett Wedding Photographer, Jodi + Tim

Posted & Photographed by Mariah:
I am so excited for Jodi and Tim's wedding, it's going to be like a class reunion. Several of my most fav brides will be there because they are friends with Jodi. I just love it when the brides pass me around! I started to panic that Jodi might be the last in the group, but then she said, "Don't worry, we have sisters!"

I asked Tim and Jodi where they met and they told me... right here! Well, actually at the concession stand. When? Why, when they were 13 and 15 years old, respectively. What? I must hear the rest of this story!

Let me set the scene... here we are at the very concession stand where they first met.

Jodi was thirteen, picture hot pink one piece bathing suit and a high ponytail.
Tim was working at the concession stand... along came cute little Jodi with a sweet tooth and a craving for Twix bars. Tim made sure Jodi got all the free frozen twix bars she could eat.
Smart guy.

So, how do you go from a summer crush to engaged? Well, T & J went to private high schools in the same area, they'd see each other at social events and say.."hey twix bar girl" ... and "hey concession stand guy." Then they went to Brown and PC... again bumping into each other at various events. Fast forward to grad school and Tim sees Jodi at a bar, and FINALLY asks her out. She said yes.

It was a beautiful night at the beach.

Such a romantic setting. Clearly T + J are beach people.

Good things are worth waiting for.

Here's my J Crew ad.

Where are we? Cabo?

Nope, just Narragansett.

Tim and Jodi are getting married in September. Guess what day?

Doesn't Tim look like Luke Wilson? He's the third Wilson brother! Jodi has star quality too, it's like you took the beauty of Ginger and mixed it with the sweetness of MaryAnn... voila! The perfect girl.


When I saw Jodi and her white pants, I said... "Don't worry I won't make you lean against anything rusty." Whoops.

What a fun night at the beach guys! Thanks for being so cute and in love! P.S. Tim- you totally worked it, good job.

Isn't this so dreamy?

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  1. We wish you every happiness life can bring. You are a beautiful couple. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Love, Anne & Jay