Friday, May 14, 2010

New York City Wedding Photography, Elizabeth + Taber

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Mariah:

Last in our series of photodates in NYC, but certainly not the least... Taber and Elizabeth! Ta-da!

There's just something about these two... Taber has that devilish twinkle in his eye and you never know quite what he's going to say. Liz is just well, va-va-voom! I'd give my left eye (not my right because I focus with that one) to be as vivacious and gorgeous as Liz. Want to feel dull? Just stand next to Liz. (Taber is the exception of course).

Some pretty handsome posing going on here...

I love this photo! Doesn't Liz just seem like someone you'd want to be friends with?


We met Taber and Liz at the Conservatory Garden at the north end of Central Park. What an amazing place! It's there favorite spot in the park... a hidden little gem. Quiet, breezy, shaded... perfect!


Right after this shot, I said... "okay, now do a little nuzzling."

Taber was like, "What?!"

He had never heard that expression before, he's originally from the Dominican Republic (LOVE it). Anyway, he said... "Give me a break, English is my second language. I still don't understand the expression, you can't have your cake and eat it too. If it's your cake why can't you eat it?"
Good question, that is a dumb expression.

How about this expression?
Muy caliente!

A-ha! Nuzzling!

When I saw this wall of white flowers I was so excited. It's so ethereal.

So sweet. My fav.

No trouble being in love for these guys, although Taber admits he shys away from PDA most of the time, especially when there's a camera nearby.

How dreamy is this little path?

How about those legs?

Taber popped the question unexpectedly when Liz exclaimed impatiently one day..."We'll probably never get married!" Taber, quick on his feet grabbed the ring he had already purchased and hidden and said..."We will if you say yes!"
Ooooh, goosebumps!
T & L, It was such a blast to meet you guys in the city. We need to come back so you can show us around for the best food! Next time....
xoxoxo Mariah & Trish

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