Monday, December 22, 2008

Wintery Weekend

Well, I don't know how all of you feel- but I am all set with winter & with snow. I'll take open windows and warm summer breezes any day, thank you very much. My kids on the other hand cannot get enough of it. They played outside all day, all weekend- in fact, I had to call them in well after dark on Saturday. They were "snow boarding" (standing on their sleds) in our neighbors yard, the only guy with a hill in the whole neighborhood... he was nice enough to turn on his outside lights though so the kids didn't crash into the trees.
Here's Vianne and Don - we went to a cool steep hill in Pawtucket where all the kids hang out to sled. Don grew up nearby, so he went here when he was little too.

They're off!

Jacques likes to wipe out and roll down the hill, that's his signature move.

I am not sure if they mean don't sled on this hill, or just don't sled into the pole (if that's the case, good thing they put this sign up because I definitely wouldn't have thought of that)- either way it's a funny photo.

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