Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tis the Season... For Albums!

One of my brides for next year mentioned she liked seeing actual albums on the blog- "hey Charlene!" - so I thought I would put up another post featuring the gorgeous album of Isabella and Dan. The albums are rolling in this time of year, so I won't get to post them all, but I'll try my best!
Isabella opted for the classic black leather- can't go wrong with that. Plus, she has a really big dog that drools alot- and you can always wipe off leather!

You'll be seeing that photo of Isabella on the left in another blog post coming up this week!
She's the star of our new ad in Southern New England Weddings...

Love the flush pages- very modern and clean.

AWW! One of my favorite pages in the album. I love when the photos take up the whole page!

Another favorite album design- a detail in the background of the page (in this case a close up of Isabella's fun green cake) with photos on top (the cake cutting).

Another beautiful family heirloom!

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