Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mariah's Career Day Debut...

Today I went in to talk to my daughter Vianne's class about being a photographer. I was so nervous- I felt sick! Trish told me that I probably wouldn't have any trouble impressing the six year olds, but I wasn't so sure. Good thing I came prepared... I made this visual aid for the kids... the photos are all out-takes from weddings this year. I thought the kids might like to see me in action.

We also took a class photo- I thought the sunglasses might be a fun touch. That's Vianne in the lower right hand corner.
This is Vianne's fabulous first grade teacher- she wishes she could get married again so that I could do her photos.

Here's me and Vianne- luckily I was a smash hit- kids can be a tough audience, but I think I won them over. One of the little boys told me my hair smelled good- so I think that's a good sign!


  1. Mariah you guys are so good that you make ME want to be a photographer! I tell everyone who is getting married about SNAP! I love that in you presentation 2 pictures are from my friend Sarah's wedding in August! I love the blog and visit it everyday! You guys rock!

  2. Thanks Shelley! That's really nice of you! Keep spreading the snap! word- the best clients are always friends of past clients! Sarah did make my presentation board twice- isn't that funny?! And BTW the kids loved it!