Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Munro Family - Welcome Baby Luke!

This is another fabulous 'Snap! Baby'. We photographed Aimee and Kevin's wedding a while back and had the pleasure of photographing their first son at this time last year. This week we had the pleasure again of photographing the latest addition to the family. Aimee and Kevin have been busy! How cute is this little guy?! He was a perfect subject, very agreeable and a good poser. I wish we had a ruler next to him, he is so little and precious! Here he is perched on a standard size pillow...

Here is brother Will taking a peek at his new brother.
I'm sure once Luke starts grabbing his toys he won't be so delighted.

Santa's early delivery...

The Karate kid.

The boys.

Is this kid cute or what! He liked Mariah...

Checking out the competition.

This is such a happy child, he woke up from his nap when we got there and was ready for action!

He had this awesome little car to ride around on, I want one!

We think that the baby looks like Dad.

He only opened his eyes for a few seconds, he was thinking "hey mom, hey Dad, I'm so sleepy, bye."

So tiny!!!

Look at the little bean, he's so cute!

So sweet.

Aimee looks great!
Congratulations! Thanks for having us to document the occasion, maybe we will see you in the summer for some outside photos with the boys running around. Or maybe next year for another new baby portrait? No pressure. It's just that you make some really cute and sweet babies!
-Trish and Mariah

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