Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snap! on the Stands...

The newsstands that is.... If you don't already have a copy, RUSH right out and get one! The 2009 edition of Southern New England Weddings AND Newport Weddings are both out now. Our ad in SNEW features a terrific photo that the lovely and talented Melissa took at Isabella and Dan's wedding this past July. Nice job Melissa!

In addition to our ad in SNEW we also have a great feature from Nell and Patrick's wedding in July. Trish photographed this event.

Carrie and James' Rosecliff wedding was featured in Newport Weddings, yours truly and Melissa were the photographers...

and, Heidi and Otto's Belcourt Castle wedding also had a feature! Trish photographed them last March.

Here I am relaxing at home and reading all about all the fabulous weddings of 2008.

You know, people say my kids look just like me- but I really don't see the resemblance...

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