Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nila and Eric (+Sienna) Photodate in Providence

It was a gorgeous afternoon for a portrait, we met at Prospect Park on the East Side and Sienna the dog was raring to go! Nila and Eric are getting married in June and Sienna is going to be the 'ring dog'...of course!

Normally I would feel funny about posting more photos of the dog than of the couple, but in this case I believe that the couple will be excited to see so many photos of their dog, she is fabulous after all...

What's cuter than a dog bum?

She was all crazy when they first got there, but after a few minutes off the leash fetching her ball and she chilled right out. I love her ears.

A little snuggle.

Oh look, here are the people finally!

What a classic portrait, and thank you cherry blossoms in the background!

These two are so nice! They are both ER doctors, so I knew I was in good hands in case I incurred some kind of photo injury during the shoot.

I had to resist the head scratch since I am allergic to dogs, but you can almost feel the fur in this one...

The East Side has such great little scenarios such as this garage door here. Sienna is being such a good subject!


...and very much in love! They were locking lips every other shot, it was crazy, but so nice to see! This is my favorite from the session...

Here's your classic newspaper 'we're engaged' shot.

All of the blossoms were awesome! Spring is so fabulous when the sun is out...

Thanks guys! See you soon for the big day!

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  1. The pics look great and of course we don't mind all the photos of Sienna one bit. Thanks for being patient with her. Eric + Nila