Friday, April 2, 2010

Dish with Trish

Why I love the President...of Snap!

I'm so lucky to share my business with someone who is not only an amazing business partner but also and awesome friend! We spend many hours talking about all kinds of things and 'therapizing' each other when needed. It's so great to have someone there to pick up the slack when the other needs a little boost, we have done that a lot for each other over the years. (I would say she is mostly picking up my slack...but who's counting?)

We often refer to ourselves as the same person with different hair colors, we have the same ideas about what to do in business and more importantly decorating. Although we definitely have our own tastes which are a little bit different we always agree on the direction to go in, and if one person feels more strongly that the other about something we let that person make the final decision. It always comes together so easily!

What I like most about Mariah is that she really understands me and doesn't judge me for my kooky ways. She realizes that it's really hard for me to learn news things sometimes and that I have a really bad memory, that I am high maintenance when traveling, that I can get really fired up about things. She knows what she's working with and is unphased by it. It's very comforting.

So I just wanted to officially say thank you to my dear friend Mariah who does such an amazing job keeping things together here at the Snap! headquarters and for putting up with me and all of my 'Trishy ways' and being such a great friend to me. Looking forward to many more years of snap-tastic adventures together!

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