Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kristi and James at Oceancliff in Newport...Part One

Posted by Mariah:
There's nothing like starting the day with a fresh and fabulous bouquet from Sayles Livingston.

Except maybe two fresh and fabulous bouquets. Kristi chose this gorgeous Windsor blue for her bridesmaids... beautiful!

Speaking of bridesmaids, getting a little help from friends...
BTW, all the lovely hairdo's and made-up faces you see were done by New Leaf.

As I mentioned in the First Snap! Post... Kristi and James chose to see each other prior to the ceremony for formals. Here's James' first peek at his bride to be.

So romantic!

Our first location, a fun spot by the side of the road in Newport. I've probably driven past this house 1000 times, but this is the first time we've stopped!

Exactly what I invisioned..

Trish took this shot, I love it.

Dashing off to the next location in between the rain drops...

Another Trish photo- I just love it when she is my second shooter.

Trish and I passed this tree in the morning while scouting locations. Pretty spring-y.

That little cutie in front is Delaney, she's what you might call "the life of the party."

The two prettiest girls at the party...

A manly spot for posing our men...


Because it was April and cloudy this spot was perfect. Any other time of the year would not work... thank you mother nature.

James wanted to capture a little of the feel of downtown Newport. There are so many amazing little side streets. Here's one we found right near the theater...

Love this one.

How nice of this house to match the bridesmaids.

Nice posing of the group by Trish. (It's her specialty).

This one is so Newport.

The guys were pretty excited to climb on the fire escape. Boys never stop being boys.

Hello Spring!

I am insane for these trees. This little park was right across the street from there church, again ...any other time of year, not as fabulous.

Stay tuned for the ceremony and reception...

Hair and Makeup: New Leaf Hair Studio

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