Sunday, April 11, 2010

Max-imum Cuteness!

Well, we miss our Melissa in the office these days but she has more important things to do like taking care of her insanely adorable new baby Max... not to mention the precocious Zoe! Zoe is obviously loving being a big sister. She hugs Max when she's feeling a little sad, apparently just being near him makes her happy again. Awww...

Here's Max "gettin his nap on". He was thoughtful to wear this shirt that we bought him when we came for a visit. He wasn't very interested in us at all though... this is pretty much what he did the whole time.

We tried to wake him up, but he was just too exhausted. Poor baby.

Here I am mocking the little baby, nice. I thought if I tried to look tired Trish might stop working me so hard. It didn't work.

Are we boring you Max?
We came, we visited, we admired, we snuggled... and Max has no clue we were even there!
Silly baby!

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  1. I make some cute kids!! My mom wants a copy of the picture of Zoe and Max!