Monday, February 1, 2010

Mondays with Mariah...No. 4

Where the Wild Things are... sometimes I think right here in this office.
Defenitley in my house too.

I love this movie so much- I think that it was pure genius,clever and sweet and heart wrenching in so many ways.
This song from the movie is quite possibly the happiest song of all time. The singer is Karen-O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a chorus of children.
If you haven't already seen the movie- you must when it comes out on DVD!
I often blast this song while I cruise home to meet the kids after school. It puts me in just the right frame of mind for the transition from work mode to mom mode and it always cheers me up if I am feeling a little blah.
Thought maybe someone out there could use cheering up too. Couldn't we all?

Turn up your speakers and be happy!!!

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