Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dish with Trish...No. 3

A few of my favorite things...for scrapbooking! To follow up with my last dish and under major pressure from Melissa I thought I better get around to posting this 'Dish' sooner rather than later!
So there are many elements to think about when scrapping but I find sticking with the basics the way to go. Start simple and then get jazzy when you need to.

Paper: I originally only used solid color paper and then added embellishments here and there, but now I am embracing the printed papers and trying to use them more often. Generally I still start with a solid background that goes with my photos and then I think about a pattern paper that adds to the overall look. I also like to buy sets of paper and embellishments and letters, the work is already done for you and often times the combos are things I would never had thought of on my own and can be very inspiring. No need to reinvent the wheel each time, it's always an original even if you use a pre-fab layout.

Tools: One of the tools I use most often is the curved corner punch. I just love the curve and it's a classic look and adds such a nice touch to so many layouts. I don't buy many punches, I prefer to spend the money on 'perishables', things like embellishments and papers that I need to replenish often. When I do buy tools I try to get things that I will use a lot or that are versatile. That's just me. Everyone has their own thing that they like best.

Lettering: Rub on letters are great because they give a finished look to a page and are really easy to use. They come in many styles and sizes. I recommend doing them on a separate paper and then cutting and adding it as a seperate element, just in case!

Brads and Eyelets: These are eyelets, they come in a million colors and are fun to use for an extra element. I use them to attach journaling notes or on the corners of the photo frame.

Adhesive: A critical element in scrapping! I just happened to buy this one when I first started, but I have tried many other since and really prefer this one to others. The nice things is that you only replace one half of the dispenser when it runs out, so there is a little less going to the landfill. Also, I always have many extra refills on hand. I try to remember to buy a refill every time I'm at the store (that's kind of often!).

Pens: I really enjoy doing the journaling by hand, it's home spun that way! Some people prefer to do it on the computer and I can see the benefit, no typos and time to think and rewrite things to get it just right. I often look at what I've just written and think it could have been better. But I still like writing, I usually use black or dark brown. The white is really fun too on dark papers, gives it a different look.

Ink: I am not a huge fan of stamping, but I do enjoy using inks for some various techniques. For examples, rubbing the ink pad on the side of the cardstock to create some definition between the papers. You can also use ordinary objects to create new textures or even just brush the pad across the paper to add interest. I have some stamps but feel like it's such a big commitment to have a stamp forever that I tend not to go there. Alphabet stamps are nice.
Keep in mind that there are actually numerous kinds of inks that you can get, I didn't realize this at first. Pigment, chalk, fast drying etc.

Journaling: These are my most favorite items to use, journaling tags. I have a huge stash so that I always have something that matches. It's nice to write a little something but not have to write too much, sometimes just the date and people is good enough.

Tools: This is the "Silent Setter" that makes small holes for brads and sets eyelets, with a coupon I got it for only $10 and I have used it so much, it's a great basic item to have!

Cutting: This small cutter is from Creative Memories and is the BEST cutter ever! I have tried others and this one is precise every time, get one! I also have a nice 12" cutter to trim larger papers, I like one with clear measuring lines on it.

There is so much more, but these are the most basic things to think about when creating your scrapping foundation. Although I should also mention getting a good pair of scissors, a small sticker maker and lots of organizing bins! The main thing is to finds out what you like and just do it, the materials and even the result matter less than your enjoyment in the creative process!

Please feel free to leave a comment with any questions.

Check out my two favorite magazines for more ideas and inspiration, and

I would also recommend signing up for online coupons at Michel's, JoAnn's and AC Moore so that you can plan a bigger purchase and save some $$$ too!

Happy scrapping!


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  2. I second Melissa's comment. Thanks for the tips! ~Stella