Monday, February 8, 2010

Mondays with Mariah...No. 5

This weekend I made chocolate chip cookies with Vianne. She's very systematic and organized so following a recipe is right up her alley. We were running into some major cabin fever & boredom by Sunday and baking cookies is a trick every mom has up her sleeve.

One small problem ....chocolate chips are Vianne's drug of choice. I have inadvertently created this Franken-chip Choco- stein monster. When she was little (well, little-r the she is now) I couldn't stand the sadness of her boo boo face when she would scrape a knee or get a splinter. In an act of foolish desperation I gave her a couple of chocolate chips as "medicine".
(Insert cringe here for Vianne's future food issues). I'd feel really guilty about this except her second favorite thing in the whole world is vegetables.

While we were making these she looked up at me and in all seriousness asked...
"Mom, if a blob of cookie dough and a blob of tuna fish fell on the floor at the same time, which one would you go for?"
Hands down the cookie dough- no contest.
Which reminds me of a story...
Several weeks ago I was scooping Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream for the kids.
A beautiful pristine scoop of the ice cream flew off the spoon and landed on the floor. I picked it up really quick and put it in a bowl, then I proceeded to eat it - much to the horror of my husband Don.
He was like..."I can't believe you are eating that, the floor is filthy."
I was like, "Are you kidding me? It's Ben and Jerry's, and how dirty could the floor be?"
"Um, really dirty... what if one of us stepped in dog sh*t and there's dog sh*t remnants on the floor, the ice cream is wet and then the remnants stick to it. You can't wash ice cream."
"That's a chance I am willing to take."
Or so I thought, the dog poop comment totally ruined it for me so in a dramatic gesture, I hurled the melting scoop into the trash.
So my question is, how many of you would eat the scoop and how many would throw it out?
Keep in mind my husband has been known to eat hotdogs at Target which in my opinion ruins his credibility.

Here's Vianne "testing" the dough to make sure it tastes okay...


Now we are having a total sugar rush... well, at least we've cured the boredom problem.


  1. I think you already know this answer... I would totally eat it!

    love, Melissa

  2. I believe that Don would totally eat it long as no one was looking! He's a poser. I of course, have an extremely clean kitchen floor so it would never be an issue, we actually have dinner on the floor sometimes. - Trish

  3. I once had B&J cookie dough - and there were small pieces of saran wrap mixed in the container. That didn't stop me so I don't think a little bit of floor on the scoop would either!
    But it would have to be a wood floor or a tile floor - b/c carpet would be nasty! - Anne

  4. I would definitely eat it. We have a 7 second rule. Not only am I a firm believer that a few germs now and then are actually good for you, but that stuff is expensive!! I'd have to eat it if only to be financially responsible! I don't have a dog though so I can't really speak to the poop issue. :) ~Sam

  5. I have a dog and my floor is not as clean as Trish's...but if it was Cookie Dough or Chunky Monkey, I'd consider...if I could beat out Millie for the fallen scoop...she loves ice cream too;-) ~Courtney