Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snappers in NYC!

Here's a few photos of us in action at Gillian and Adrien's wedding this past weekend. It's always fun to take a roadtrip with my partner in crime- this week's destination? NYC! Cold and snowy outside... warm and fuzzy inside, due to Adrien and Gillian's chemisty and Gillian's fantastic faux fur shrug. Wedding posts will follow this one, but for now here's Trish on the roof of Adrien and Gillian's apartment shooting the bouquet.

Here's me ruining Trish's beautiful shot, not to worry I will be retouching myself out of this one.

Here's me in the snow banks...

Here's me, literally freezing my bum off. How beautiful is my subject though? Hard to worry about frostbite when you are lucky enough to photograph such a beauty!

Well, it's not the cash cab- though we really hoped it would pick us up!

Tomorrow Part One of the wedding will be up, so check back!

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