Saturday, November 15, 2008

Snaptastic Advenures in the DR - Part 2 (or... Laguna, Spiders, Snorkeling, and Funny Bikes).

I know it looks like we are working really hard taking photos of Angela and Gregg... but don't feel too bad for us because we did manage to sneak in some fun activities too! ha-ha. Here we are posing with our sweeties.

Every evening we rode our bikes around the property to one of the resorts many fabulous restaurants. As I was getting ready to hop on my bike and head out... I happened to look down at my feet and here is what I saw! Jim attempted to pick this spider up after Trish had taken it's portrait. I was hiding in the bushes!

Luckily, I recovered and was able to enjoy my meal!

Ever since Angela and Gregg booked us for their wedding, Trish has been obsessed with the idea of riding ATV's on the beach. Luckily, the resort had such a tour, they call it "Funny Bike Tour". Not sure why they dropped the S... anyway, here is Jim getting a lesson from the tour guide who's name is "Hanky Panky". Not sure about that either. Apparently Hanky Panky got quite a kick out of Jim so they gave him a nickname too... Mafiosa!
For the record, Don and I opted out of this Funny Bike excursion...

Here's Trish, doesn't she look badass?! I also like the horse in the background. We all know Trishy is talented, but she can actually photograph while driving a Funny Bike! Now that's coordination!!!

Trish loves to give the thumbs up.

Cool stuff in the Dominican country side...

Part of the tour took Jim and Trish through an abandoned resort. Apparently the investors started building it but never finished. Jim thought it was creepy, but Trish got a kick out of the coconuts in the pool.

I LOVE this photo that Trish got while funny-biking. I might need once of these for my house.

The Punta Cana Resort, where we stayed is very eco-oriented. They have acres of walking trails and crystal clear, spring fed, fresh water lagoons to swim in... count me in for that!

A little friend we found on the trail... not quite as yucky as his cousin we met outside our door.

Trish taking a dip in the lagoon...

How's that for fun? Don and I taking the plunge!

Yes, it was as awesome as it looks.

Friendly little turtle in the lagoon... offering him a piece of croissant from the breakfast buffet doesn't hurt.

Laguna Flora.

Don and I are crazy for snorkeling. Don packed his carry-on luggage with snorkel gear so of course we couldn't resist a quick trip out to the reef.

Some cool coral.

We were feeling a little thirsty, so we asked this nice guy to borrow his machete... probably better that he did it for us. Don't want to lose my trigger finger before the wedding!

Don's a chef, so he can really appreciate fresh produce!

Ahhh, it was a long day of adventures... nothing like a dip in the pool to refresh!

Coming up next.... Angela and Gregg's rehearsal dinner on the beach! Stay tuned....

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