Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Snaptastic Adventures in the Dominican Republic - Part 1

Hola...We are back! We spent 5 nights in the Dominican Republic, there to shoot Angela and Gregg's wedding which was on Saturday. I can't even express how fortunate we feel to have had the opportunity to go on a trip like this. How lucky are we to get to photograph a wedding in such an amazing location with such great people! Angela and Gregg were a dream and we had the best time working with them and all of their friends and family, everyone was 'wicked awesome'. They were up for whatever we suggested and it really paid off! I can't wait to share all of the photos. But for now here are some pix from our first day in Punta Cana...

Mariah and Don took a snorkel trip out to a ship wreck and saw some cool fish. Then she had the standard issue fruity cocktail before lunch.
Here I am lounging and soaking in the sun, I can't even believe I am here! And then my husband Jim is having his cocktail before lunch, everyone's doing it!

Sea turtles!!!! Mariah and Don are crazy for sea turtles so they were excited to get to hold these little guys. But then they were sad that they were in a bucket. We had a turtle rescue plan but then after so many cocktails we got sidetracked...

Now, you might think it's weird that I would post a photo of myself in a bathing suit on the blog... but I have lost 32 pounds since April, so what the hell! Here I am in my suit! That sailboat just screams Caribbean vacation! Still can't believe I am here.

These above photos are from my point and shoot camera, check back tomorrow for more fun photos from Mariah's camera...

Angela and Gregg,
I know that you are coming back today and it must be so sad after being gone for so long on such an amazing trip. But not to worry! We have tons of amazing photos for you so that you can relive it over and over again. Thank you again for the privilege of having us be part of your wedding, you guys were great!
PS. The 'last photo' that we took is going to blow your socks off, thanks so much for being such willing subjects. Safe travels and we will look forward to talking with you soon!
-Mariah and Trish


  1. Wow, these are the most amazing pictures I have ever seen!! Mariah and Trish, you are such wonderful photographers!! Thank you for preserving those great memories so beautifully!!
    I'll keep your information for my wedding, I'd be honored to have you as my photographers !!!!!


  2. that's so nice of you to say- just let us know where and when! we'll be there!! Best, Mariah & Trish