Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Angela and Gregg took the plunge! Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

So when we arrived and saw this dock, we had an idea. To our delight Angela and Gregg were totally down with it! We met the day after the wedding for this 'secret' photo session. Mostly it was a secret from her Mom(who bought the dress) but I think that even she will agree that these photos are worth sacrificing the dress for!

There I am over on the right in the water up to my chest waiting for the action to start. Mariah got the shot from the back as they ran down the dock.

Here's the ramp up...

OK, so here it is! What I know Angela and Gregg have been dying to see! Scroll quickly to get the full effect...

Here's Gregg pulling his mermaid out of the water...

Here I am wading in for my 'money shot' and there's Mariah waving after the last shot of the week :(

One last smooch.

Well, it was the best time ever and I sure am sad that it's over. I hope that everyone has enjoyed all of the wedding photos over the last two weeks. If you want to see the rest be sure to sign up on Pictage to get an email when they are ready.

Thanks for a fantastic destination wedding and overall good time!

-Trish and Mariah

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