Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guess who in the Dominican Republic... Still Angela and Gregg - Wedding Party Formals and Ceremony

OK, so here we are ready for the wedding... How lucky are we?! Of course we don't always have this backdrop, but we really enjoyed it while we did! Our plan was actually to rent a golf cart for the day so that we could get around to all the places we needed to be. BUT there was a golf tournament so there were no more carts when we went to get one!!! No problem, we have our funny yellow bikes! We strapped on our gear and headed out to the wedding, Jim and Don picked up the bikes at the brides place after we left and we hitched with the wedding party over to the ceremony.
Commuting to work.

Angela and Gregg's wedding brought to you by Presidente!

We stopped with the wedding party along the beach for some formals. Those puffy clouds made for some really nice light!

I know that a lot of people think that jumping is totally cheesy, but I still love it!

And running too, these guys scared me a little, I said run, not attack!

There's always time for a little coconut ball.

Don't these guys look totally bad-ass! This was a special request photo (Reservoir Dogs) It took a few takes but I think we got it.

Speaking of ass, these girls ran down the beach and gave us all a little show! But I picked this one for the blog instead of the other... I think that they will appreciate that.

Wedding party golf cart gang on the run, vrooom. Get out of the way!

This place is totally amazing!

We kept saying we were done and then seeing more spots and making them stop for more photos! But this spot was seriously worth it!


The driftwood is too awesome!

Gregg is adorable. These two were so cooperative, they did whatever we asked. Initially Angela didn't even want to see Gregg before the ceremony. But she realized how great it would be to get all of these pix done before.

That's right!

They made these beautiful programs with a cute little palm tree.

So much beautiful flora to enjoy there!

Now on to the ceremony!

As I mentioned before, her Dad officiated the ceremony. They had fans for everyone too whcih came in really handy...

OK, so I don't know that there are any words to express how hot it was during this ceremony. I think that there was a void right where we were and the breeze couldn't get in. Let's just say this, when was the last time you saw men fanning themselves??? It was REALLY hot. So here's a picture of Gregg saying ' I have never been this hot in my entire life!' I'm just guessing. Or he could be telling Angela that she's hot, like hot looking, not hot tempurature.

But heat aside, it was a lovely ceremony...

Making it official!

Oh right, there were some little bugs too. Angela luckily has a great sense of humor and kept on going!

They had this great little trio playing music. The thing that the woman is playing is a traditional Dominican instrument, I can't find what it is. But I bought one for my son and it's so fun. You can play it with a comb or any other object for different sounds.


They did it!!!

All of the representatives from Gregg's family...

Angela's family... It was so great that both of Angela's sisters and their families were able to come to the wedding! Not to mention Nana!


Check back on Monday for the reception and photo lounge and then Wednesday for the finale! If you want to sign up now to receive an email when all of the photos are ready to view on Pictage, click here. You can find their event by first names.

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  1. beautiful photos, and couple!
    i love the bride's gown, does anyone know where it's from?